Lips gone wrong pics. Plastic Surgery Fails: 8 Lip Enhancements Gone Wrong - Oddee

Lips gone wrong pics. and After: Did These Celebs Get Lip Injections?

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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters? - Photo 1 - Pictures - CBS News

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K woman is taking action after a last-minute decision to get lip injections nearly ended in disaster. After a few glasses of prosecco, the year-old decided to also have her lips done at a discounted rate. But being at a party with friends took away all the seriousness of having filler injected into my face. She said the beautician had noticed a bump on her lip from a teenage injury and offered to inject some filler. Once home, the pressure from the injection had caused her top lip to split open. I honestly thought I was going to die. She was given several doses of dissolving agent into her lips that began to reduce swelling nearly 72 hours later.