Dwight schrute pics. Fact: Dwight K Schrute is a man of great words : theCHIVE

Dwight schrute pics. 10 Hilarious Dwight Schrute Quotes

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The quirky characters of The Office made TV audiences laugh, cringe and maybe even shed a tear for nine seasons. Whether it was terrible life advice from Michael Scott, beet farming tips from Dwight Schrute, a sweet love story between Pam and Jim or epic inter-office pranks, the show made selling paper Scranton, Pa. We've said goodbye to the antics that filled a void in our own 9-to-5 jobs. But before we file away our dreams of being employees of Michael Scott or colleagues with Angela, Oscar and Kelly, let's relive the funniest Office moments of all time and all cubicles. Grab a tissue from the stock room because this is sure to be a bittersweet experience. And if ever you feel the pangs of the worker grind, know that The Office will probably air in syndication for all time.