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Segovax on spartacus actor. Douglas honoured with prosthetic penis in new Spartacus

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Douglas honoured with prosthetic penis in new Spartacus

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The biggest changes are in Batiatus, Spartacus, and Crixus. Introduced as a scheming but relatable underdog, Batiatus is now reckless, haughtily throwing money around to annoy Solonius. Success has made Batiatus arrogant and this, along with how easily Ashur manipulates him into selling the still-healing Crixus, makes Batiatus appear as foolish as he has all season. Spartacus, on the other hand, is calm. This moment cements the role reversal of Spartacus and the now humbled Crixus. Crixus is now the desperate, undervalued slave fighting to be near his love, while Spartacus taunts and makes an example of the overstepping, weaker man; Spartacus sees only his place in the ludus, while Crixus is disenchanted, bitter towards the dominus who would so readily cast him aside.