Pics of titanic sinking. 20 Strange Underwater Images Of The Titanic In | TheTravel

Pics of titanic sinking. 30 Incredible Photos of the Titanic Taken and After It Sank

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33 Rare Titanic Sinking Photos Taken Just Before And After It Happened

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The RMS Titanic, otherwise known as the famous "unsinkable" ship met its fate in the early morning of April 15, , when it struck an iceberg. The RMS Titanic has been sitting on the sea floor, miles south-southeast off the coast of Newfoundland for years now. During the ship's final moments, it broke apart in two and the wreckage was found in two distinct pieces, the stern, "fragmented virtually beyond recognition," and the bow of the ship, "remarkably intact," reports Encyclopedia Titanica. If you ever search for photos of the Titanic, you'll find numerous showing the bow the forward part of the ship still recognizable, even to this day. However, you won't come across many photos of the stern the back of the ship , since it has been completely ruined.