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Like Cameron Diaz, Bullock waited until she reached her forties to strip for the camera — in the comedy "The Proposal. In an interview with Us magazine, she recalled thinking: "OK, there is no way to shoot this unless you are buck naked. After her provocative leg-crossing scene in the thriller "Basic Instinct," there was no way Stone could demur from shedding her clothes in "Basic Instinct 2," even though the sequel was made 14 years later. There's nothing gratuitous about the nudity in "The Sessions" , a moving yet lighthearted film about a middle-aged poet suffering from polio-induced paralysis who hires a sex surrogate in order to lose his virginity. Although her shower scene in Brian De Palma's thriller "Dressed to Kill" involved an obvious body double, Dickinson herself can sometimes be seen through the steam. Seymour refused to rely on a body double during the filming of the comedy "The Wedding Crashers. Some predicted that her performance in the highbrow porn flick "Caligula" would make Mirren blush when an uncut version was released three decades later.