And god created woman 1988 full movie. And God Created Woman () 2/2 - video dailymotion

And god created woman 1988 full movie. And God Created Woman (1988) 2/2

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And God Created Woman ( film) - Wikipedia

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Is this the first time a title has been remade, instead of a movie? The movie stars Rebecca De Mornay , who in her uncanny first shot looks for a moment like Bardot. Then the Bardot imagery is abandoned and the movie gets on with its business. De Mornay plays a woman prison inmate wrongly sentenced, of course who is determined to be free. She escapes, but makes the mistake of hitching a ride in the limousine of a politician Frank Langella. Instead of turning her over to the authorities, he helps her break back into the prison. Then he supplies some helpful advice: If she can find a responsible person on the outside who will vouch for her, she can probably be parolled.