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Paradise suite 2015. The Paradise Suite

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But critical support will be uneven for a film that too often feels like an uninspired, case-pleading replay of similar recent globe-trotting crisscrossers. In Bulgaria, aspiring model Jenya Anjela Nedyalkova and her mother Petia Silianova are thrilled when the former gets a ticket out of their depressing environs via a contracted photo shoot in Amsterdam. Making a contrastingly first-class landing in Amsterdam to perform a Mozart piece for orchestra and chorus is esteemed Swedish conductor Stig Magnus Krepper. Middle-aged Bosnian office worker Seka Jasna Djuricic drifts into an affair with a friendly colleague, but that scarcely diverts from an obsessive focus on bringing her onetime tormenter Ivica to justice. Van Ginkel handles them all with skill and some restraint in directorial terms. Nevertheless, performances are solid down the line, and all tech and design contributions are high-grade. Reviewed online, San Francisco, Sept.