Kate gosselin pregnant pics. Kate Gosselin's 'House of Horrors' revealed in bombshell new book | Daily Mail Online

Kate gosselin pregnant pics. Kate Gosselin's 'House of Horrors' revealed in bombshell new book

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Kate Gosselin's 'House of Horrors' revealed in bombshell new book | Daily Mail Online

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By Caroline Howe. TV reality star Kate Gosselin manipulated her fertility treatments to get pregnant with sextuplets, spanked her children so hard that she begged God to help her to stop and fell under the spell of her bodyguard to the point that she him named trustee of her estate to hide her money from husband Jon. Those are the shocking claims in a new book about the famed mother of eight. She needed to have eight children and she had a master plan, according to Hoffman, who began tracking every move of the Gosselins in the summer of as a reporter for US magazine. Scroll down for video. Eight is too much: Kate Gosselin had a hard time keeping her kids -a set of twins and a set of sextuplets - in line.