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Belgica 2016. Belgica (2016)

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The idea originates with Jo Cannoott Stef Aerts , a soft-spoken dreamer with delicate features, mussy blond hair and a drooping eyelid the result of a childhood infection , all of which combine to give him a thoroughly nonthreatening sensibility — adorable, yes, but hardly the sort of Alpha-male persona one imagines running a bar full of chandelier-swinging drunkards. Clearly dissatisfied with the idea of settling into domestic complacency, Frank creates the sort of hedonistic environment where his kid brother — making his own first steps toward relationship-building — stands no chance of succeeding. To that end, van Groeningen conceives the Cannoott brothers as a Romulus-and-Remus-like duo who succeed in building an empire together, only to have it corrupt them in all the ways exhausted by countless other cautionary showbiz stories. In past features, van Groeningen employed sophisticated cutting and inventive nonlinear tricks to avoid the overly simplistic rise-and-fall structure that emerges here. In one scene the brothers might be snorting coke with the Shitz lead singer Davy Coppens Boris Van Severen , only to be called to a funeral but whose? Whether outsiders demonstrate any interest in the ups and downs of an obscure Flemish rock club remains to be seen, though at least the music makes a case for why they should care.