Mao asada 2010 olympics. Japan at the Winter Olympics - Wikipedia

Mao asada 2010 olympics. Mao Asada Height, Weight, Age & Boyfriend

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What now for Mao? | The Japan Times

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Though Kim ended up winning handily, the sheer force of power and drama generated by the two gifted skaters was nothing short of amazing. Personifying everything the Olympic ideal stands for, the rivals put on a captivating performance. People in offices, railway stations, electronics stores and just about every other imaginable setting in Japan and South Korea gathered around televisions to take it all in. I looked up from my desk and found myself surrounded by 15 people, and that is what made it so wonderful — seeing the profound impact these two year-olds had on the masses. After a buildup of four years, it all came down to just over four minutes, and to their credit neither skater cracked under the pressure.