Rio olympics 2016 water issues. Here's a list of all the issues surrounding the Rio Olympics -

Rio olympics 2016 water issues. Dirty Rio water a threat at 2016 Olympics

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Rio Olympics pollution problem worsens as raw sewage pours into Guanabara Bay | Daily Mail Online

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Pollution problems at the Rio Olympics have now got so bad that officials moving sailing or rowing boats are using gloves, medical staff are on standby to treat infectious cuts and athletes must shower immediately after leaving the water. But despite new measures taken by the teams, a month testing program showed athletes 'face potentially serious health risks' - as do any Olympic tourists who choose to swim at Copacabana Beach. Scroll down for video. The tests that took place in June showed that the Olympic rowing lagoon still had a dangerously high million per litre billion of adenoviruses - these are a group of viruses that can cause infections of the lung, stomach and intestine - per litre in it. It was found that these infectious adenovirus readings turned up at nearly 90 per cent of the test sites over 16 months of testing.